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Hire the best in the pitch deck business: $200m+ raised, trusted by award-winning startups (ie. YC, 30u30) & Fortune 500 co's.

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Trusted by the biggest & best.

We've helped the likes of Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 30u30 & Inc. 5000 winners, and Y-Combinator & Techstars alums.

About Us

A winning track record: $200M raised, 137+ happy clients.

We have created slides for organizations of all sizes: from high-growth startups (Y-Combinator, Thiel Fellows, 30U30) to Fortune 100 (PEPSICO, JCPenney, AHA) – even venture funds & investment banks.

Decks we created have closed literal millions in deals & funding; examples include...

The founders of BestPitch started in this business five years ago: while raising $2M for our own startup, we were hired to create a couple decks that closed $5M+ for two Y-Combinator alums (Advano & PowerTech). Since then, we have create decks that helped secure millions in deals & funding, even 9-figure transactions!

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Much more than a pretty presentation

Years of experience working with both startups & VC's – versed in all different kinds of pitches & what works best.

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A proven approach based on years of professional experience and 9-figure track record of success.


Fortify your pitch with quality data: from industry size & benchmarks, to recent transactions & trends.


Answer all your stakeholders' questions: storytelling-first approach with done-for-you competitive analysis, market research, etc.


Happy clients


Industries served


Deals & investments closed


Years of expertise

You’ve got one shot.

Investors are busy. Prospects are unforgiving. Even for the best ideas, a compelling presentation can be the difference between a multi-million-dollar investment and a failed startup. Close deals faster and easier with slides you can trust, designed by the pitch deck experts.

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Frequently asked questions:

Both. Our expertise is at the intersection of creative communications & business strategy. We not only help organize & design your pitch to captivate, but also offer insight & research to flesh out your business plan.

Storytelling is definitely a big part of what we do for decks: both in terms of communication & copy, and deeper questions of business context (e.g. market size, recent transactions, competitive landscape) and execution (e.g. go-to-market). While there are certainly some aspects that investors would be expected to come from your end (ie. roadmap, pricing), we're here to help fill in the gaps.

Our approach & understanding of go-to-market & financial strategy is informed by experience collaborating with investment firms & bankers, as well as being founders of our own ventures which have raised 7+ figures.

On the other hand, our skills as professional graphic designers brings a visual storytelling approach to concisely & effectively communicating your pitch.

The process usually takes 10 business days (3-4 for the first draft, remainder for revisions)—although, we can deliver on rush timelines as needed (as quick as 72hrs).

There are no surprise charges with revisions, as we always charge a flat fee, agreed upon before the start of work. For pricing details or to get a quote, get started here.

An expert designer is assigned to work with you 1-on-1 (via email). No outsourcing, no faceless team. Our experts do 100% of the work — from the graphic design, to the strategy/research, and will be in direct contact with you throughout the process.

As we're sure you will understand, we can not share the entirety of the decks we create due to the confidential nature of the IP & trade secrets therein described. We are committed to treating the intellectual property of every client with the respect & privacy it deserves. You can see examples of our pitch decks here, and logos + testimonials from past clients above.

We've worked with over 150+ companies across industries; chances are that we've created at least a couple decks in your industry already! Some of the most popular industries we have served include...
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate
  • Software & SaaS 
  • Consumer Goods (CPG)
  • Cannabis, CBD & Hemp
  • Financial Services
  • Apps & Marketplaces (B2C)
  • Biotech & Life Sciences
  • Renewable Energy & Water Tech
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • Sports & eSports
  • Food & Beverage
  • B2B Services
  • Film & Entertainment
  • …and more!

Close deals faster!

Venture capitalists & decision-makers see 5000+ slide decks every year—will your pitch stand out?

Build your perfect presentation

We want to help you build your winning deck, which is why we’ve made our services affordable for everyone:


You provide an existing deck, we redesign the slides.

$67 per slide

  • Drafts (PDF): 3 business day turnaround
  • Final file (PPTX): fully-editable
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From scratch

You fill out a questionnaire, we create your deck.

$79 per slide

  • Outline of pitch content
  • Drafts (PDF): 3 business day turnaround
  • Final file (PPTX): fully-editable
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